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Always be up to date and assured you're paying the right amount.

Business rates are most likely one of your largest overheads, and can often place a burden on company finances especially during hard financial times. With the business rates system itself being a complex and highly legislative area it is often difficult to know if what you are paying is correct.   

Historical business rates audits not only make sure that what you are currently being billed is accurate but also that your bills historically have been too. Using over a decade of experience and knowledge of business rates legislation we perform detailed investigations into the historical rates imposed by local councils and check that they have applied the correct rates and allowances to your company’s premises as far back as 1995.

Historical business rates audits can apply to any property irrespective of geographic location, industry sector and size and can also apply to properties previously occupied.

Our service is designed to be as ‘hands-off’ for you as possible and other than returning our documentation to us we do not look to involve you in the audit process itself. We carry out all audit work and negotiation of refunds on your behalf and only look to get in touch when we have an outcome to report, which is on average 60 days after our work has begun.

No fees are charged should we be unsuccessful, and any refunds we do obtain are sent directly to you.

In this complex and dynamic audit environment we have over a decade of expertise and when it comes to historical business rates auditing, our professional and transparent service offers a unique view into a niche market.

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